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Ashi Tsubo Nihonichi

“Ashi Tsubo-Foot Acupressure Massage“ is a new culture in Japan

Japan’s  No.1 Foot Acupressure Massage (Foot Reflexology)

No.1 in Japan!

Because of our trusted reputation, we are proud to have the highest media exposure as the top

Japanese foot acupressure massage salon.


The Door to Heaven

"For maximum effectiveness, experience the highest level of invigorating pain.”

We offer authentic foot acupressure massage with the added touch of Japanese hospitality.

You can rest assured that we will adjust the pressure to your preference through consultation. 


Effects of foot acupressure massage

The benefits of Foot acupressure massage go beyond simply relieving tired feet after a long journey.

It also has the potential to boost your immune system, improve your mood, and even promote organ health.

By experiencing the healing power of the massage, you can feel more energized and enjoy your travels

even more!


Effects of hand acupressure massage

The feet are said to be the second heart, while the hands are considered the second brain.

Massaging both the hands and feet together can be even more effective. Not only do your hands feel lighter, but your head also becomes clearer and you feel refreshed!








〖Course & Price〗

 ・Foot acupressure massage(Foot Reflexology)

     30mins     4,200 tax inc.

     40mins     5,400 tax inc.

          60mins     8,100 tax inc.

     90mins   12,200 tax inc.

  Hand acupressure massage(Hand Reflexology)

          30mins     4,200 tax inc.

     40mins     5,400 tax inc.

   ・Our Recommendation: Combination of foot and hand acupressure massage

     Foot 30mins + Hand 30mins         8,100 tax inc.

     Foot 60mins + Hand 30mins       12,200 tax inc.



    4th Floor, Iwata Building, 3-6-3 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

〖Access by Train〗 

    Shimbashi Station - JR Line: 3 minutes walk from Karasumori exit.

    Uchisaiwaicho Station - Toei Mita Line: 5 minutes walk from A1 exit.



 WEB (in Japanese text only)


 TEL 03-6257-1818

         We are afraid that our English proficiency is not very high, We kindly ask for your understanding.

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