What is a foot massage

It is a massage to promote better health from inside of the body by stimulating the pressure points on feet, which are connected to the different parts of the body. The blood circulation gets better as we massage the muscles on your feet and legs, you can expect improvement on tiredness, swelling of limbs, and coldness from the poor circulation. As our massage is rather strong, it may cause you some pain. 

Course information

​Foot massage

We give massage from the back of feet, calf, and to back of knees by using special cream. 



※tax included

​Hand massage

We use cream to massage from palms to elbows, and a towel will be placed when rubbing the upper arms. 



​※tax included

​Foot care

We exfoliate the dead skin cells, calluses, and corns using a machine. Your feet will be quite smooth after this procedure. 


※tax included

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